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What is Web Portal?

A web portal is a specially designed website that provides information about customers, suppliers, and employees from various sources such as emails, and online forums. A Web portal provides the biggest opportunity for connecting businesses through online technology. Web Portal can be considered a library of the personalized and categorized library.

Web Portals can help businesses to interact with their customers and employees through online tools. Web portals are not limited by the choice of programming language. We can easily use any web-based programing language like Python, PHP, .NET, Java, or JavaScript.

Personalized means a combination of biographical data and behavioral data (what have you come here to do) giving the ability to contextualize experiences, usually facilitated by a login process. it provides significant cost savings, improved productivity, and a way to establish a long-lasting relationship with users.

Customized means web-Portals offer alternative ways to communicate with customers, including support for email, calls, forum, SMS, chatroom, and custom data flows.

How is a web portal different from a website?

There are numerous distinctions between a website and a web portal. A web portal requires many things to be available, like a username, a password, and a private internet connection. On the other hand, a website does not require anything to be open.

A web portal necessitates a login, whereas a website does not. In a web portal, only members of the web portal have access to see the content of the web portal. On the other hand, on websites, anyone can see content.

In a web portal, the content type is adjusted according to different user groups. whereas the content type is the same for all users on the website. A single admin manages the website. whereas a large number of admins are required to manage the web portal.

Types of portals:

The portals can be differentiated on the basis of their content and intended users. The following segment will walk you through the defining features of each.

Customer Portal
A customer portal refers to a self-service web platform that helps your customers. The portal can provide a customised dashboard for all other personalised functions. The Customer Portal connects customers and your company. Customers are allowed to easily go online, search for their issues, and find information to solve their problems.

Community Portal:
A community portal is a way to promote your brand and increase its market value. It is also a way to hear what your audience thinks about your products and services It generates powerful insights based on their opinions and feedback on a particular issue.

Healthcare Portal:
  A healthcare portal is also known as a patient portal. The portal can provide messaging between a doctor and patient,video consultations, and after-visit patient messaging. The Healthcare Portal makes it easy to take appointments online, with a detailed history view and an upcoming appointment view.

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  • Survey Web and Mobile Application
  • Matrimony Portal
  • SPA and Salon Portal
  • Job Portal
  • Real Estate Portal
  • eVoting Portal
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