Work Process


How we work to complete your project. Here you can find our working process. Our working process compromises of few steps which we like to follow to complete our undertaken project in an efficient way.


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Meet world-class expert at Trickuweb

Research & Analyze

Once you have contacted us and sent your brief requirement. We will be asking you few questions about what type of design and functionalities you want. You can explain your view to us. Then our team will start doing research on current trends and work related to an idea. We only choose best to design and develop and work accordingly. Simple website development can take around one week and large website designing can take around a month. Application development process can take around a month if you are wanting to customize application according to your need.

Functionality Development

After finalizing your design process we will move towards development part that is whole coding process. Under this process, we will analyze and test your website performance. We will make it fully responsive and analyze on different screen sizes such as mobile, tablet, laptop or any other big screen. At this process, you will need to supply the words and if we are developing your e-Commerce website then you will have to guide us to categories and products and payment methods etc.

Meet world-class expert at Trickuweb