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What is a privacy policy?

Privacy policy defines the uses of data collected from users whether it is shared by a third party or not.

Suppose you visit any website or you download any mobile app and after that, you're entering data like your name, email, phone, address, and many other details.

After you have submitted your details on any particular website or app what the website or app owner is going to do with your data? Will they use it for their purposes like developing their services or they are sharing your data with other companies or users?

These things are now important to define in the website or app and this is known as the privacy policy.

How can you generate a privacy policy with our tool?

We have developed a simple tool to generate a privacy policy according to your requirements.

In the first step, you'll have to choose whether you have to generate a privacy policy for your app or your website.

If you choose to develop a privacy policy for your website or app then you'll have to enter your website name, website URL, and type of entity whether it is individual or business.

After that, you'll have to select many choices from different questions like whether your app or website uses Google Analytics, and what type of data you're collecting from users. What are you doing with that data whether you're using it for remarketing or not etc.?

In the last step, you'll get a generated privacy policy according to your requirements on the screen and after that, you can copy the privacy policy and use it on your website or you can download it as an Html file.

Is a privacy policy necessary for a website or an app?

Yes, you must have a privacy policy on your website and your app. It makes it clear how you're using your user's data.

Whenever you apply for AdSense or publish your app on the Play store or app store or you are planning to use the Affiliate link privacy policy is required. Without a privacy policy, you can't integrate these services.

What type of privacy policy can you generate with the help of this tool?

You can generate a privacy policy for the following requirements with the help of this tool:
  • 1. Privacy policy for a website.
  • 2. Privacy policy for app
  • 3. Privacy policy for adding affiliate links.
  • 4. Privacy policy for selling Amazon products.