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What is an Android App?

In simple words, the android app is an application or software you use on your Android mobile like a calculator, games, phone pay, google pay, etc.

What is an iOS App?

In simple words, the android app is an application or software you use on your Apple mobile like a calculator, games, phone pay, google pay, etc.

Where can you find a mobile app developer in Patna?

If you want your own mobile app then you need an App Developer. For searching App Developers in Patna, you can search it on Google and Just Dial. App developers are then categorised into two categories
  • 1. Android App Developers
  • 2. iOS App Developers

You can also contact us as we are among the best Android and iOS developers in Patna.

We have developed and published many apps on Play Store and App Store for various industries like Medical and Survey and social apps like Matrimony.

Trickuweb can assure you that you'll get your idea fulfilled. We have more than 5 years of experience in Android development.

How Trickuweb Start its journey as an Mobile App Development Company in Patna?

First, we tried to build our own android app for simple use like booking railway tickets or generation Aadhaar then that idea got flop due to some policy of which we were not aware.

Then we jumped into other types of apps like Trigonometry Calculator, 24 hours medical service, Get Traffic Volume, etc.

Now, we are developing hybrid apps. Hybrid are those app that can run on both Android and iOS. For developing Hybrid App we use frameworks like Flutter and React Native.

We have also made many videos related to an android app on YouTube. You can explore them below.

Difference between Android and iOS apps?

Those apps that run on Android mobiles like Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, and one plus are categorized as Android apps and that mobile app that runs on Apple mobile phones is categorized under iOS app.

Programming Language for developing mobile apps like android apps and iOS apps?

For developing android apps developers use
  • 1. Java
  • 2. Kotlin
  • 3. C#
  • 4. Flutter
  • 5. React Native
For developing iOS apps developers use
  • 1. Swift
  • 2. Objective - C
  • 3. C#
  • 4. Flutter
  • 5. React Native

How to get traffic on apps and where to publish Android App?

For getting more traffic and download your app you have to publish it in different stores from where other people can search your app and download it to use.

This is list of app publishing stores
  • 1. Play Store for publishing android apps
  • 2. App Store for publishing iOS apps
  • 3. Amazon
  • 4. Aptiode
  • 5. Samsung
  • 6. Opera Mobile Store
  • 7. Galaxy Store

Don’t wait just contact us if you have some planning related to Mobile App Development and you are searching best mobile app developer in Patna.

Our physical address is Saguna More, Patna. We provide our service all over the world. We have developed android app for many companies like
  • 1. CDOT Gola Road Patna
  • 2. Archonics Technologies Kankarbagh Patna
  • 3. Grey Curves Germany
  • 4. Bits Capital Germany
  • 5. Maa Durga Industries Sasaram
  • 6. 24 MS Raza Bazaar Patna

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