Why TrickuWeb?

Problem-solving attitude, excellent time management skill, and clear understanding of client's need make TrickuWeb perfect place for application, website as well as digital marketing solutions.

Best Software Design and Development Company in Patna

On-Time Delivery Facility

On-Time Delivery Facility Is Available Because We Know The Value Of Time.Time once past cannot be brought back by any means and it is important to understand the value of time. Our team has an excellent sense of time-management. We always deliver a product on or before time. With delivering fast service we also don't compromise on our standard.

Passionate | Innovative | Creative

There are many other service providers in the market but we are at the TrickuWeb use latest technologies to design and develop websites and offline and online application. We work more accurately according to the requirement and we focus to deliver high-quality products to our customers.

We are highly passionate about our work. We use innovative ways to accomplish ours in a creative manner. Coming to website designing we use the latest technology such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap to design mobile-friendly websites. While developing any customized application we use C Sharp. Here at TrickuWeb, we try to deliver excellent high-quality products.

Best Software Design and Development Company in Patna
Team Members

Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar is the co-founder of TrickuWeb. His field of interest includes website designing, software development, blogging etc. He knows how to accomplish any task on time. He is very much interested in learning and implementing new things.

Co-Founder & Full Stack Developer

Ashwani Jha

Ashwani Jha is the co-founder of TrickuWeb. He is an entrepreneur and he keeps exploring new technologies. His creative view makes an ordinary product into extraordinary.

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Nitin Kumar

Nitin Kumar is a software engineer and digital marketing specialist. He knows how to promote the product digitally. He keeps exploring different and innovative ways of making an online reputation.

Digital Merketing Specialist

Rajesh Singh IoT Engineer

Rajesh Singh

IoT Engineer

Rajesh Singh

Rajesh Singh is an Electrical and Electronic Engineer. He is having deep knowledge of the electronic field and programming languages. He has done Masters from electronic and now he is an IoT expert.

IoT Engineer

Abhinav Sinha Content Specialist

Abhinav Sinha

Content Specialist

Abhinav Sinha

Abhinav Sinha is an Electronics & Communication Engineer. He is having an extraordinary sense of writing awesomely perfect content. Also, fast and innovative thinking capability makes him a superb content specialist.

Content Specialist



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