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Software Development Company in Patna


You are reading this post only because you are in a search of a software developer or software development company in Patna.

Most of the software that is used by the people of Patna are imported from outside Bihar.  

Only few companies are there in Patna who develop their own software according to the client requirement.

Software development is the complex process and requires high coding skill to write a useful software.

Software can be mainly categorized into

  • Online Software or Web Application
  • Offline Software or Standalone Software
  • Mobile App 

Online Software:

With the coming telecom service provider like JIO internet and data pack is in the reach of every people of India.

With the more usage of internet. Online Software is best option if you want to get a custom software developed for your organization.

 Web Portal Development

Best example of web portals are Quikr, Just Dial, JobInSarkari etc.

Web portal is the online application developed according to the need and requirement of any organization.

Such that if you are running a Real Estate agency then you will need a web portal 99acres.

And if you want to post a job and help people to find their dream job then you’ll need a job portal like JobInSarkari.

JobInSarkari is the web portal developed by TrickuWeb. And if you are in a search of the best software development company in Patna then we are the best place for you.

Offline Software or Standalone Application

Offline software or standalone software are those software which will run on your computer or laptop only. 

These types of software don’t require an internet to operate.

The team of TrickuWeb is highly specialized in developing standalone software’s. 

Most of the people use to prefer offline billing applications. 

TrickuWeb has developed many offline billing applications such as

Mobile App Development


If you need any kind of custom Android App for your organization then TrickuWeb is the best place.

We are the best software development company in Patna. Also, we are the best company to develop Android Mobile App.

You can clearly analyze that today majority of the populations are having smartphone.

It is the best option to get an Android App developed according to your business model and make you business in the reach of every smartphone holder.

Process of Software Development:

  1. Understanding need of the client
  2. Analyzing the development process
  3. Choosing Platform and Programming Language
  4. Deciding Time Duration for whole software development process
  5. Testing and error detecting.
  6. Launching of Software.

Understanding need of the client:

Software development process starts after understanding the need of the client. We first listen to the requirements of the client. We are the best software development company in Patna and give top most priority to our client’s need.

This is the first phase where we try to collect all information about the client’s requirement.

Analyzing the development process:

This is the second phase for the software development process. Here we present the blue print of the software and then we match it with the client’s need.

We analyze the software module wise so that it becomes clear to client as well as to our software developers.

Choosing Platform and Programming Language

After understanding the need and analyzing the software development process, we move to the next step that is choosing right platform and programming language for the software development. As TrickuWeb is having best software developers of Patna we always maintain the standard of Software.

There are many programming languages are there like JAVA, C Sharp, PHP, and Python. We choose programming language according to budget and time duration of the project.

Deciding Time Duration for whole software development process

After deciding the platform and programming language for software development we provide estimated time duration for software development process.

  • Time depends on the type of project we are handling.
  • Website development of 9-10 pages generally completed in 3 working days.
  • Web portal development takes around a month.
  • The standalone application generally takes 2 weeks to develop a custom standalone software according to client’s requirement.
  • A simple Mobile App takes around a week to launch that app on Google Playstore.

Testing and error detecting

Testing and error detecting is the second last phase of the whole software development process.

In this phase of software development, we try to find out the bugs of the software. After completing the testing phase of software development, we move the final stage i.e. launching of the software and delivering product to the client.

Launching of Software.

After completing all the above-mentioned phase of the software development. We move the final stage of the software development i.e. launching of the software and making it available to the general users.

If you to get the software developed in Patna or any other place of the world. Then feel free to contact Trickuweb.

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